Dental Insurance Plans – Eligibility: 0.5 FTE and 30 days of service

Group Number 305589

LG Health offers two dental insurance plans, through MetLife, to help you and your family achieve its oral health goals. The two plans are referred to as the LG Dental Plan and the LG Dental Plus Plan. The LG Dental Plan provides a standard level of coverage and the LG Dental Plus Plan will provide a greater level of dental coverage, both in-network and out-of-network – click the orange button below to view the dental benefit summary chart.

Both plans provide the freedom of choice to visit any dentist, regardless of their participation, in the MetLife dental network. Access the MetLife network (PPO) provider list at or call 1-800-942-0854. Employees have lower costs and less paperwork and worries when you utilize an in-network (MetLife) dental provider. The MetLife ID number for both employees and dependents is the employee’s Social Security Number or their LG Health Employee Number.

Note: Your premium will vary based on the plan elected (LG Dental or LG Dental Plus).

Dental Benefits Summary

Who are Eligible Dependents?

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