Capital Blue Cross (CBC):

MyBenefits Eligibility:

Health (LG Consumer* and LG Select), Dental (LG Dental and LG Dental Plus) and Vision Insurances, and Flexible Spending Accounts (Health Care and Dependent Care):

Available to all regular employees, 0.5 FTE and greater first of the month coinciding with the current month**
*LG Consumer includes participation in a Health Savings Account
**Eligibility may differ for certain positions.

Every eligible employee is required to complete the benefit enrollment process. Even if you choose not to elect any Benefits, you should select “Decline” for each benefit type to decline coverage. Learn about the benefit offerings available so you can make informed decisions about your benefit selections.

Health Equity and Benny cards are not reissued each year. Hold onto these cards, even after your HSA or FSA account balance is exhausted, to avoid paying new card processing fees. New enrollees receive HealthEquity and Benny cards after their initial HSA or FSA election.

The Affordable Care Act and The Employer Shared Responsibility Provisions

Full-time employees (those who work 30 hours a week or more) must be offered health benefits by LG Health.

Who is a full-time employee?

A full-time employee is an employee who was employed on average at least 30 hours of service per week. The final regulations generally treat 130 hours of service in a calendar month as the monthly equivalent of 30 hours per service per week. All periods of paid leave must be taken into account; there is no limit on the hours of service that must be credited.

Look-back Measurement Method

To give employers flexible and workable options and greater predictability for determining full-time employee status, the IRS developed a look-back measurement method. The details of this method vary based on whether the employees are ongoing or new, and whether new employees are expected to work full-time, part-time or casual employees. The look-back measurement method involves:

  • A measurement period for counting hours of service (called a standard measurement period (SMP) or an initial measurement period);
  • A stability period when coverage may need to be provided depending on an employee’s full-time status; and
  • An administrative period that allows time for enrollment and disenrollment.

LG Health will outreach to all employees that meet the Affordable Care Act eligibility requirements and provide them with enrollment instructions.

Benefits not listed above may follow different eligibility requirements. Refer to the header of each benefit section for eligbility.

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