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Paid Time Off

Paid Time Bank – Eligibility: 0.2 FTE or 0.4FTE*

LG Health refers to the collection of your paid time off hours as the Paid Time Bank.

You accrue hours in your Paid Time Bank for the purposes of: some holiday pay**, vacation time, personal time and short-term illness or injury.

Employees are not required to differentiate between the categories above when requesting paid time off. The accrued balance may be used in any way the employee chooses.

Paid Time Off is scheduled per department policy to ensure that managers and fellow employees can meet staffing and workload adjustments based on department needs. Be sure to review the Paid Time Bank Policy in the StarNet Policy Center.

Employee PTB accruals begin on their date of hire and employees may utilize PTB accruals immediately for any scheduled absences. Note: Non-exempt employees may not utilize PTB for unscheduled absences within their first 90 days of employment.

Year-end PTB balances are rolled over from one year to the next, up to the PTB accrual maximum. Maximum accrual limits vary based on your position, length of service and your entity at LG Health.

*LGMG employees must be an assigned 0.4FTE or greater to be eligible to accrue PTB.
** MLK Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day are considered Paid holidays and do not require the use of PTB for payment.

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