Capital Blue Cross (CBC):

Prescription Drug Coverage

The Plan’s benefits—and your prescription drug co-payments—are based on three categories of drugs: generic, formulary, and non-formulary drugs. The Prescription Drug Plan is administered by Express Scripts.
When you enroll in our Health Insurance Plan, you will receive a combined health/prescription drug identification card that you can use at the LGH Convenience Pharmacy, Kissel Hill Convenience Pharmacy, Suburban Outpatient Pavilion LifeCare Pharmacy or any pharmacy in the Express Scripts network.

Applicable to both LG Consumer and LG Select Plans:

  • You may only order specialty medications either through the LGH Convenience Pharmacy or from the Accredo Specialty Pharmacy.
  • Enrollees will have $0 co-payments when purchasing generic contraceptives (both oral & devices) and preventive medications with a prescription. This includes over-the-counter items such as aspirin or fluoride and other medications like Tamoxifen and Raloxifene.

LG Health Insurance Prescription Co-pays*

*LG Consumer co-payments are applicable after annual deductible (Individual and/or Family, if applicable) has been satisfied.

A summarized list of the LG Health prescription drug formularies can be viewed below or access the full list on

Express Scripts ID Cards
LGH Formulary and Exclusions
Zero Copay Medication List for Hypertension
Zero Copay Medication List for Hyperlipidemia

Employees receive great discounts at the LG Health Convenience Pharmacy.

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