As an employee of Lancaster General Health, you can purchase voluntary plans to supplement your employer-sponsored benefit plans. See below for summaries of some of these voluntary benefits.

Voluntary Short-Term Disability Insurance – Eligibility: 0.5 FTE and 30 days of service

Voluntary Disability Insurance program is designed to complement your LG Health Short-Term Disability (STD) benefit accrual and is paid through post-tax payroll deductions. Employees must work a minimum of 20 assigned hours per week to apply and premiums are based on an employee’s age at the time of enrollment, and the length of the benefits period chosen. This program covers illnesses and off-the-job injuries after exhausting accrued Paid Time Bank and Short-Term Disability balances.

Contact Farmington at 1-800-621-0067 to purchase voluntary short term disability insurance.

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Voluntary Life Insurance – Eligibility: 0.5 FTE and 30 days of service

Supplemental Term Life Insurance

Based on you and your family’s income replacement needs, there may be a need for Supplemental Term Life Insurance protection.

You become eligible to purchase supplemental life insurance through Minnesota Life on your date of hire. You may purchase supplemental term life insurance in multiples of your salary – up to 5x your salary or $1,500,000 – in addition to the life insurance coverage that Lancaster General Health provides. You must complete a Statement of Health for amounts greater than $400,000 or 2x your basic annual earnings. Note: If you apply for coverage after your first 30 days of employment with LG Health, you must complete a Statement of Health, for any coverage amount.

You must use post-tax dollars to purchase Supplemental Term Life Insurance.

For added convenience, use payroll deduction for your Minnesota Life premium payments.

Supplemental Spouse & Dependent Child Life Insurance*

You may also purchase life insurance protection for your spouse and children. Post-tax dollars are used to purchase this additional protection.

For your spouse: You may buy up to a maximum of $250,000 as long as the amount does not exceed 50% of your supplemental life insurance amount.

For your children: You may buy $5,000 or $10,000 of coverage for your dependent children between the ages of 14 days and 26 years.

*Only available to employees who purchase supplemental term life insurance.

Visit to enroll, make changes and manage beneficiary designations for your supplemental life insurance coverage. Enter the letters LG followed by your system ID as your User Name. Your password is your date of birth (MMDDYYYY) followed by the last four digits of your Social Security Number. Need User ID or Password assistance? Contact Minnesota Life’s Customer Service department at 1-877-282-1752.

Contact Minnesota Life at 1-800-843-8358 or visit to learn more about supplemental life insurance benefits.


AFLAC Plans – Eligibility: Immediate for all paid employees

Two voluntary AFLAC plans are offered to provide additional income for unexpected expenses due to a covered illness or injury. You may choose from several cash benefit options and from the following coverage levels:

  • Employee Only
  • Employee/Spouse
  • Employee/Child(ren)
  • Family

Note: Each coverage level has a corresponding employee premium amount. Premiums are paid directly to AFLAC via direct bill. Call our AFLAC Representative, Eva Alexander, at 717-618-8162 for more details.

Personal Cancer Indemnity Plan

  • Will pay a benefit for the diagnosis of the first occurrence of internal cancer in a covered person.
  • Will provide a benefit when a covered person is confined to and charged for, an inpatient hospital room for treatment of cancer.
  • Will pay a benefit for a covered person receiving immunotherapy and/or anti-nausea treatments.
  • Provides an annual wellness benefit.

Personal Accident Indemnity Plan

  • Provides a benefit for a covered person’s death, dismemberment, or injury caused by a covered accident.
  • Will pay a benefit for each day an individual is charged for hospital confinement due to a covered accident.
  • Pays a specific sum for dislocations, burns, skin grafts, eye injuries, lacerations, fractures, broken teeth, comas, brain concussions, paralysis and surgical procedures – when suffered by a covered person for injuries received in an accident.
  • For more information, plan rates and enrollment, call our AFLAC Representative, Eva Alexander, at 717-618-8162.

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    Auto & Homeowners Insurance – Eligibility: Immediate for all paid employees

    This program allows you to purchase auto and home insurance through Travelers at special group rates and have premiums paid through convenient payroll deduction. Additional insurance policies are also available, including Renters, Boat and Condo insurance.

    Contact Travelers at 1-888-695-4640 for coverage, discount availability and policy restrictions.


    Financial Counseling – Eligibility: Immediate for all employees

    LG Health employees have access to confidential and professional credit and debt counseling* through Money Management International (MMI), the nation’s largest non-profit consumer credit counseling organization. Credit and debt counseling services are free, confidential and available 24/7 for debt problems, foreclosure prevention, reverse mortgage and first-time home buyer services.

    *Debt management programs and bankruptcy counseling are all available for minimal fees.

    Contact Money Management International over the phone at 1-866-534-3772 or online at

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